Reddit Gift Ideas for Girlfriend When There is a Chance of Break Up !

Imagine your girlfriend broke up with you before you had the chance to propose her and now you have $5000 wedding ring with you in your hand? What would you do?

I read a similar story on Reddit for gift ideas and wedding proposal ideas, and decided to make it as a theme of my article. Here is the excerpt of that post! To save me from copyright and to make it short I have edited it…

That wedding ring has more than 3 months returning policy but the customer care of granted me 4 more days to exchange it for something or many things of equal or more value. Would you keep that ring to sell it to someone else? I will not do that though. Would you keep that ring in hopes to get back? Would you purchase another set of rings to give to someone else in the future? Do you believe this is un/ethical? Would you purchase an item/s for that investment or to get some bucks back, such as a big solitaire or a gold chain? I do realize there is not a bigger market to resell jewelries, however if you are aware of anything something I do not, do express. Would you buy various little items for several gifts? Would you buy something for yourself? Any other ideas will be appreciated. Beside Reddit gift ideas you can check out as well.

I was amazed by seeing the replies!

  • Sell the credit to someone. They will get a cheaper jewelry and you will get some or all of your money back.”
  • Your mom will get a nice Christmas present this year.”
  • Stand in front of the register & offer a 10% discount to buyers and Sux about the Girlfriend. Chin up!”
  • Phone a higher up at to explain your situation and ask them to refund your money.”
  • You should have gone to Jared’s.” In a reply to this someone who worked at Kays stated, “Actually, Jared’s is owned by Sterling Co. OP’s best bet would of been to visit a nice privately owned Jeweler shop, rather than this icky Corporations owned by Sterling.”
  • Now this one was funny yet practical, Propose her sister.
  • This comment was pretty pity,Punch on your own c**k for wasting 4,600 bucks on jewelry.” Another person who second the above context, “I am dumbfounded on why we waste so much for just piece of metal and a rock.” The same context was served by someone’s wisdom, “my wife’s ring with mine came out to a total of $300…. It isn’t really about the money.” Someone added, “I bought my wife’s ring from a $2 twisty things at the supermarket”.
  • Then there were some of the online and ecommerce gurus in that post was, who advice the tools and platforms… If the credit is transferable …. Take a small loss and sell the store credit on something like craigslist. You must know that, most if not all the time, jewelry is a bad investment, particularly diamonds. You can’t make your original outlay back until it’s something antique or have a huge demand.” Another online expert saidOn the eBay, Amazon and Ali Express you could buy lots of things (brands that sell well), and resell them on eBay. You would probably end up losing only 25 percent. An experienced online seller or maybe buyer said, “Offer a cash to the customer support or salesperson what they made in their commission.” Then I found something cunning but impractical. Maybe it could work if you communicate smartly, “Exchange it for $4,600 worth of watches, then request for a refund on those watches.”
  • This comment came from a family man“convince your dad to buy some jewelry for your mom and you will shop for him.”
  • Some of the commenters were business minded people, but their replies were worth including in this post. “Silver is a good investment. Buy sterling silver wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, bars or something like that.” Some added into the context, “Ask to sell you $4600 worth of 24kerat gold.” This one was to follow, indeed, religiously, “Go straight up with gold bullion instead of a ring or jewelry. See prices over the last decade. It haven’t done a thing but go up. The value of bullion remains same or rise, just like real estate.” Last but not the least, “Is there a time limit? If not, put the store credit certificate in a safety deposit at your bank – and wait. If you are willing to drop that much money on someone who did not appreciate it, think what it will mean to somebody who will. You will find someone someday”.

My opinion on all the above comments from the Post of the Reddit Gift Ideas

Most of the people (men) said buy a great watch for yourself. On the second order I found the mom’s empathizing comments, because after a break up people get close to their families, and for good. At third order, the advice was to buy or sell or exchange on particular platforms like eBay, Craig lists, Amazon or others where you can get the facilities of refunds, reselling, exchanges, branding and the like. The main motto of this article is to teach you how to buy gifts intelligently, especially when you aren’t sure that your crush will appreciate it. You must buy jewelry or other gifts that aren’t too costly. In case of jewelry artificial jewelry is fine even some appears too precious to be gold or diamond.

Conclusion – Buy or not to buy an expensive ring or jewelry for your Girl Friend?

There are many online platforms where you can even buy products straight from china buy paying some extra bucks for delivery charges. Besides placing the ring straight on her fingers or a necklace on her neck, you can also show her the online receipt or evidence of purchase on your smart phone screen, right at the time when you are proposing her. If she denies, you can right away cancel your online order before it get delivered to you. This world is full of opportunities, people are doing businesses without taking risks, so why to take risks in emotional affairs. Play smart in love, or remain playboy for life. Although this article seems to be mennist but I was inspired by the post on Reddit gift ideas for Girlfriend so blame goes to Reddit for allowing such a post.

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