Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Birthday Gift Ideas for Men Above 40 Years – 40th, 50th and 60th Birthday Gifts For Men

Throughout my life, I have had some alleged “For-Men” presents bought for me. Some were incredible, and some were dreadful.

In spite of what most if not all women may think, men do really converse with one another about the best 40th or 50th birthday gift ideas for men, and indeed, we do talk about subjects other than beer and football. 

One single thing that all men have in common and that will never show signs of change—men are always young, and they never grow up. I would see that numerous women definitely know this; however, at times, I think they really do. How might they decide to reject this reality?

Ever heard the phrase “boys and their toys”? The realities are that it is totally valid. Would I like to have an expensive aftershave or a small remote-controlled car or helicopter? I will always choose an aftershave. But my mind will change when it is about remote-controlled drone instead of a helicopter, especially when I have some extra cash in my hand. 

Would I love to have a gift like a Swiss Army knife or a pair of socks for my birthday or skincare kits or electrical screwdriver that does much stuff? 

Men like things that are just cool or fun to have or stuff with functions. There’re several things, and we do not like gifts that would have the words sensible or practical involved. New ties or shirts, trousers or underwear, shoes or socks aren’t the best gifts for men. Here is the whole list of best birthday gift ideas for men aging 40, 50 and 60.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

By the age of 40, most if not all men have been married a couple of years and their family is probably coming up with some birthday gift ideas to buy for them. 

I recall my 40th birthday celebration, and it was an extraordinary one. We left for an awesome weekend had a great ball. A weekend trip is a great idea to relax, have good food, and drink. 

My son gifted me another watch for this birthday. My wife took me to golf clubs. Here are some different 40th birthday gift ideas you can try. 

  • Personalized golf balls for a person who love playing royal and sophisticated sports. 
  • A nice leather wallet
  • For smokers cigars and cigar cases 
  • A Beard trimmer
  • Some Other Birthday Gift Ideas for Men above 40 are; 
  • These presents are perceived to be fantastic for any men out there. We like birthday presents that we are functional, play with, and above all, have fun with. Here is an exceptional list of 40th and 50th Birthday Gift ideas for men. 
  • Ticket to the concert of a favorite artist. 
  • Ticket for a sporting event.
  • Ticket to play we would like to go and watch. 
  • A set of DVDs of favorite movie 
  • Favorite music in either CD or MP3 mode to be played while driving. 
  • For smokers lighters like Zippo with the favorite theme or team on them.
  • Tools are best until they are particular ones. Don’t go for those you find in pound shops as they aren’t durable and therefore useless. 
  • Pick any useful gadget men will love it.
  • Be careful you thinking for a gift for a senior citizen, so select a beer that he could bear easily. 
  • Glasses (wine glasses not spectacles) with a logo. 
  • Car stuff. 
  • Adventurous stuff, like hot air balloon, a day rallying, off-road trip or paintballing
  • Digital cameras
  • Key chains with a torch on them
  • Anything related to his favorite hockey or football team. Maybe tickets. 
  • Kindle
  • Magazine subscription.  

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men 

This was an extraordinary birthday. To achieve the milestone of half-century is genuinely fantastic and ought to be celebrated in style. I had 2 incredible celebrations, first my family and other with my colleagues. 

This was a birthday that I truly delighted in, and it is a defining moment for some folks. They have endured 50 years and achieved most if not all the goals in their life.

50 is the best age to do different things that they have waited for, yet have never had an opportunity. For most folks, this will be traveling, fishing, or the like. Here is a shortlist of best

50th birthday gift ideas for men who think they are still 21. 

  • Cigars and cigar flask
  • Custom keychain
  • Framed photograph
  • Pocket watch
  • Cufflinks
  • Watches 

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men – Under $10

Anything that makes a man laugh or that a man could drink or eat is the best birthday gift for him. So it is not about money your throw, it is the thought although. Here is a list of best birthday gift ideas for men above 50 years and that cost below $ 10.

  • Chocolate
  • Wine stopper
  • Gloves
  • Fountain pen
  • Gift cards
  • A pair of socks 
  • A-Cap
  • Key chains
  • Chains
  • Bracelet
  • Rings 

Worst 50th Birthday Gifts Ideas for Men – What not To Buy as a Gift for Men 

  • Shoe shiners kit is the worst gift I ever got in my life. The brushes were too small that it was difficult to hold them. Here is a confined list to be thrown in the bin and to be honest bin is the best place for it. 
  • Suits because size does matter. In general clothes a lousy idea.
  • Shoes, because the choice depends on color, style, and most importantly, comfort level. 
  • Big patterned shirts particularly with strange colors
  • Ties, remember a man who is retiring will never need more 
  • Belts (Until they are leather ones)
  • Skincare products
  • Shaving products such as shaving foams, men especially older men like beard 
  • Avoid books that list, like ” 50 (things, secrets, tips) a man must know” or Self-help books or something similar, at 50th birthday all men know all. 
  • Stupid combinations like a mug and 3 golf tee shirts in a box.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

This is the time when most if not all, men get retired or thinking about it. Like any birthday, the 60th birthday celebration should also be exceptional. 

As of now and particularly with retirement in mind and the near future, the best gift to purchase will be based around that individual’s hobbies and preferences. Obviously, no 2 men will be the same. Many of my friends have recently achieved this birthday, and they all like somewhat unique things.

In general, common gift ideas for 60th birthday for men include books, planting, traveling, and tools that serve their pastimes activates. Here are some ideas  

Best 60th Birthday Gifts Ideas for Men 

  • Tools and auto equipment for those who like cars and driving 
  • Cooking books, videos, supplies, and tools for a master chef.
  • Gardening books, horticulture guides, seed, and plants, for the avid gardener.
  • Autographed records or a record player for a music lover 
  • For a fitness enthusiast, please give him a high-tech fluid bottle or a pair of earplugs. 
  • Then there are some who wants to explore the world at their end of times, so traveling related gifts are best for them. 

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