Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas and Bachelorette Party Etiquettes

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas and Bachelorette Party Etiquettes – What You Should Know?

Gift ideas are a touchy subject, mainly when it’s about gifts for pre-wedding events. Hens night or bachelorette party is an event arranged mostly for the groom-to-be or bride-to-be by his/her friends. The objective of this event is to let the bride or groom to be to celebrate her/his last day or night out as a bachelor! You can arrange this event in a bar or club or at home even, depending upon what that special person likes. As a guest, what bachelorette gift should you be giving and what bachelorette gift ideas should be avoided? In this article, I will only focus on a bachelorette party for a bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas and Etiquettes

Unlike a bridal shower, a bachelorette party isn’t just a gift party. The purpose is for the girl and her friends to have fun before the day of the wedding and giving bachelorette gifts isn’t a must. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to amaze the bride-to-be with silly bachelorette gift ideas or exciting stuff like night wears, pieces of jewelry and the like. You can ask the guest to come up with gag bachelorette gift ideas, like the glamorous red wig and make bride-to-be wear it all night. You can also get anything hot like a book on unbelievable sex positions with diagrams as well as how-to videos. There are other funky gift ideas for a bachelorette party like a water gun, candy rings or necklaces. Drinks and foods can add a gesture of love.

For any reason, you missed the bridal shower or could not give your GF a gift, should you gift her at a bachelorette party or not? I went through many online surveys and collected the stuff that many people said about bachelorette gift giving and ideas.

One lady states:

“A bachelorette party is a bride-to-be’s night out where she and her guests chill out to have fun. If she’s your best friend and you have missed her bridal shower then gift her something with a sorry note “I missed your bridal shower’.

Another lady stated:

“In every wedding, there are just 2 occasions when you can give a gift, bridal shower or the wedding ceremony. Don’t worry If you were not able to attend the bridal shower, no worries! Give her the gift on the wedding day. If there is a chance of bachelorette party and it is arranged in a bar then get her some drinks or shots”.

Another lady shared her experience:

“At my time many people missed the bridal shower, but still I did not expect gifts from them at my bachelorette party. However, bachelorette party etiquettes say that you must come with a gift, no matter you have missed a bridal shower or not”.

This is something totally different that I found:

“If I missed a bridal shower, I would bring one on the wedding ceremony. However, for a bachelorette party I would go slightly naughty to gift a pair of panties or bra or lingerie to her”.

Another lady gives bachelorette gift ideas and gifts etiquettes:

“At my friend’s bachelorette party I would gifts like panties or massage oils while giving her a piece of expensive jewelry set for the actual wedding day.”

A young girl shares her ideas:

“I have attended several bachelorette parties and saw no gifts or naughty bachelorette gifts so no idea. Bachelorette party is about having fun and good time together playing naughty games. However, you can come up with naughty, silly and cute cards but about bachelorette gifts NO IDEA!”

Bachelor Party Etiquettes And Gift Giving FAQs

Bachelor party is quite different from other pre-wedding occasions. Bachelorette gifts are not necessary. However, there are other etiquettes too!

Who hosts a Bachelorette Party?

Anyone can host it. Bridesmaids or maid of honor arranges it. However, there isn’t any hard and fast rule. A Cousin, colleagues, friend and even the bride or groom can host it on their own.

What’s the right date!

Any day before the wedding, except the night before the wedding. No one wants hangover on their wedding day! If the bride or groom have a wedding in another city, then the bachelor party must be before they leave. No matter the wedding is local or outside the city, bachelorette party must be 2 to 3 nights before the wedding.

How Many Guest should come in a Bachelorette Party?

Guest list must be small, 20 guests or less is ideal. This party is for a bride and people who are closed to her so that she could enjoy freely.

Type of invitations

If the bachelor party is at a resort or hotel that needs reservations, then RSVP cards are needed. When only a couple of friends are invited to a private place, then phone calls are enough.

What to wear?

It totally depends upon the venue and the type of party. However, there isn’t any rule of thumb. Usually, bride-to-be wears white, so guest should leave their whites at home.

The important is to think about what bride-to-be or groom-to-be likes and what makes them happy. Bachelor party is to dedicated to the bride or groom to be, so come with bachelorette gift ideas and activities that must be like their way!

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