80th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom And Dad

Birthday Gift Baskets

Impress any who is turning 80 with these 80th birthday gift ideas. Gift baskets are great with personalized ribbons to express your wishes.

Are you wondering what 80th birthday present should be? Keep reading to learn the most popular ideas for a gift for 80-year-old male or female!

Photo Gift Ideas

Add pictures to things like blanket, mugs, ornaments, pendants, keepsake, canvas or a pillow and turn your precious memories into gifts. A photo book is something always be appreciated by all seniors.

Sentiments Gift Ideas for 80th Birthday

Best is to let the birthday celebrants realize how much they mean to you, what difference they made in your life. Find jewelry boxes, clocks, keepsake plaques and frames with a personalized message, poem or quote for them.

Budget 80th Birthday Gift Ideas for men and women – Under $30

From t-shirts to notebooks, memo-pads to coffee mugs, mobile cases to key-chains there are lots of stuff in overwhelming styles. Moreover, the best part they don’t charge you a fortune. Try every day carry category on Amazon and you are done.

The Gift Related to Travel

If your old birthday celebrant is fit enough and fond of traveling, consider long-dreamed-of destinations. Make it a trip with friends or family.

The Gift of Time

Many seniors are lonely and enjoy the time spent with you, so take them for dinner or lunch, sporting event or a movie, visit a museum or any other outing.

Homemade 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

Handmade gifts are from the heart! If you are the crafty kind, make a quilt out of their old clothes. Search for some family tree templates online.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Family Tree With Birthstone Necklace

Looking back 80 years, there are some favorite memories of your mom. So a customized family tree necklace with the names of some most loved ones in the family will be a great 80th birthday gift idea for a mom or a dad even. They can flaunt their love to the family with this family tree necklace.

Try a family tree necklace with 6 or 7 loved one’s name engraved on small-sized leaves, dangling decently from every leaf is a corresponding birthstone.  

Glass Frame with Mom Poem

A glass frame is another thoughtful way to combine one of your favorite picture with heartfelt expressions of love with your mother. Add a title like Ma, Mom, Mama and a poem engraved on the frame. At the bottom add your name to make a keepsake.


Delight your mother with an elegant necklace that features 8 rings for 8 decades, 8 intertwined circular charms. Make it anything of your choice including sterling silver, rose gold or mixed. You can also add her birthstone to add more sparkle.

Bracelet with Names & Birthstones

Best for a stylish lady who love displaying her love for family! You can find bracelets that feature children’s names along with their corresponding month birthstones and charms like open heart and love.

Diamond Ring with Family Names

A diamond ring with names engraved on it is the perfect way to tell your mom, how much you value the love your family shares.

Mother’s Birthstone Ring

A ring is the perfect 80th birthday gift for a mom who enjoys jewelry. A ring with engraved names with corresponding birthstones is best.

Family Tree Canvas

Every mom loves to be surrounded by her family, even those who aren’t living nearby, so a family canvas is the best gift for her 80th birthday. You can even find some with more than 20 family names with bright color heart leaf on them. You can also add any message at the bottom.  

80th Birthday Gifts for Dad

Engraved Pocket Watch

A silver-plated timepiece, personalized with his name or initials will be reminiscent for his youth and give a look that is all his own. On the back of stainless steel, you can engrave a message for a gift which proclaims your love.

Engraved Cigar Case & Cutter Set

Cigar cutter which is crafted with precious metal like stainless steel and rings for safe and precise cutting is a practical 80th birthday gift for your father who likes occasional cigar. You can also find one that can be personalized with his name or initials. Combine it with an engraved pocket-sized cigar case. 

Family Tree Canvas Print

80th birthday is the best time to celebrate the family created by the Dad, and a family tree which is as big as his personality. Canvas with family names tree can be found online.

Personalized Fishing Lure

For a fisher-dad, a customized fishing lure will let him know that he is your favorite catch, so it is the best 80the birthday gift for your dad if he is quite a fisherman.

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